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A 2d top down shooter where far in the future, a tyrannical Empire rules much of the world. But there are those who oppose the Empire. A Rebel Alliance lead by you.

The Empire is once again planning to take over more territory, and the Rebels are lending a hand to stop them. But there's word that they are planning to send reinforcements.

Joined by your second in command and closest ally, you must take down the nearby Military Base of the tyrannical Empire and make sure reinforcements never arrive.

Can you take out the Military base and bring the Rebels one step closer to victory?

Can you lead a revolution?


  • Switch between two playable characters to allow more tactical maneuverability
  • Challenging addicting fun
  • Use your environment and mulch-playable character function to your advantage
  • Play in fullscreen



Available on Windows 7

Release Date: 23/06/2014



022 103 2934


Personal Bio

My name is Sara-Jayne Barrett and I am an art student studying a bachelors course in creative technologies at Media Design School. I have plans of heading into the gaming industry as a career in the future and Revolution is merely that first step in a long road there. Its the first game I have publicly released and I definitely intend to make more games with some ideas already in mind.

Revolution is actually based on a personal project I've been slowly developing with some tweaks made to fit the game. Revolution is more like a spin off of the actual project rather then the finial result.

Install instructions

Download and run the executable.


Revolution.exe 7 MB